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Day 7 of 31

Today, I was feeling super sore still from Tuesday in my legs. My mom and I went grocery shopping and I could barely walk around the stores. I was such a pansy today lol. I did complete my 7th workout in a row, so yay me!!!! I walked 3 miles in approx 45 minutes-ish and targeted my abs. I can’t believe tomorrow I’ll already be a quarter of the way done with my 31-day challenge. Maybe if I succeed at this, I’ll extend it to a 100-day challenge :


-30 crunches

-20 bicycle crunches

-30 toe touches

-20 reverse crunches

-15 side plank hip lifts (each side)

-30 crunches

-40 Russian twists

-30 bicycle crunches

-15 oblique v-ups (each side)

-20 reverse crunches

-10 leg lifts